Commercial agent or distributor: Which one is the best for my company?

We introduce some singularities that we have to take account when we are deciding whether to use a commercial agent or a distributor in our market entry strategy. Know more about the difference between them and how can affect our post-sales services, marketing and sales, logistics, payment & products’ ownership and storage.

Selling through a partner

To define our sales and distribution indirect channels we have to take into consideration several factors that may affect our corporation and that we need to foresee to avoid unexpected and damaging events. Read more to know how to reduce risk looking for the proper partner and learn the difference between a distributor or a sales agent.

Sales channels: Which one is better?

In order to be successful in your business international expansion it is important to understand and be familiar with the market you want to open up. Before introducing us in a new market, we have to check some information about product regulations in the country in question. Know more about which free tools exist to find this information.

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