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Agency & representation

Distribution and creation of networks

Consulting and Market Studies

At Ferrer-Dalmau Country Managers we have been acting on behalf of our partners in Spain and Portugal, offering all the advantages of a local market presence without the corresponding structural hassles. Thanks to more than 100 years of experience as Country Managers we have developed expertise in these sectors:

Textile, nonwovens & composites.

Inspection, Quality Control and NDT (Non Destructive Testing).

Industrial equipment, components and machinery.

Raw materials for composites.

Extrusion, lacquering and anodizing of aluminum.

Packaging and packing.

Industrial cleaning.

Sustainability and the environment.

Agency & representation

Distribution and creation of networks

Consulting and Market Studies

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FD Textil

Industrial machinery for the textile sector in the processes of: spinning, weaving, finishing and non-weaving.

FD Industrial

Complete automation and power transmission solutions that improve your company energy efficiency.


Quality control equipment through Non-Destructive Testing.

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“I was attracted to Ferrer-Dalmau based on both its experience in the Industrial Markets and the obvious commitment to Environmental Products and Efforts. Since then, it was the Ferrer-Dalmau people that became the critical reason to being successful in selling Simple Green products.”

Skip McDowell – Simple Green International Vice President

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Barcelona 08005- Spain
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